Tree Products

Christmas Trees

Our trees are planted in the middle of our Tiny Township Christmas tree farm, a sprawling 30 acres boasting five varieties: Scotch pine, White pine, White spruce, Norway spruce and Fraser fir. 

The Fraser firs are not available for cut your own.

Prices are the same for all cut your own trees, regardless of the height.

Christmas Trees

Cut your own Christmas Tree                      $  50.00

Pre-cut Christmas Trees

All spruce and pine                                             $   60.00

Fraser Firs  (Pre cut only)

We suggest you call to order Fraser Firs taller than 10 feet as quantities are limited.         

Maple Syrup

Proudly traditional, we hand pick the sap and processing is done with a wood fired evaporator only.  

Maple Syrup

       1 litre         $25.00   

     500 ml     $15.00 

      375 ml $12.00 

The perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift.

The Omega Tree Stand

Locally made,  this tree stand is excellent for holding a 10 ft tree. 

No more strings attached to the curtain rods! 

Remember to water your tree morning and night and keep away from heat sources for optimum needle retention.

$ 50.00